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In 2005, a project was started named Sapporo II, set in the winter landscape of Sapporo. It is the name of an imaginary parallel world, in which the people of Sapporo can rethink themselves and engage in a different reality. It is a project about snow as a means to investigate the possible role of the artistic producers in context of the city and its urban conditions. Its intentions are to develop a stronger, independent artistic community. Snowfall is specific to the city of Sapporo and its urban and social conditions. Each year the city is covered with a white surface of frozen water that touches and engages everyone.

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The Melting Gift

In collaboration with Kamiel Verschuren & Luaran Schijvens – 2010

Test Site – 4 sketches produced with heavy snow removal equipment. In Sapporo II artists direct the displacement of snow within the urban context.