New Graffiti, Old Revolutions

Oct 30, 2010 at MK Galerie, Rotterdam

New Graffiti, Old Revolutions is an exhibition that imagines readings of contemporary culture as seen through the prisms of the ‘hauntological’ and the ‘spectral.’ These ideas are understood as ways of inscribing the past within the present, not as a way to order knowledge, but as a means of encountering the strange, the unheard of, the obscure and the other.  The term Hauntology was first used by Jacques Derrida in Spectres of Marx and more recently it has become shorthand in music criticism as a way of reading (analysing) music that is sample based and/or reliant on obsolete technologies. However it’s origins can be speculated back to Marcel Proust’s À La Recherche du Temps Perdu  (In Search of Lost Time), where he puts forward  the notion of ‘involuntary memory;’ the unexpected and sudden recurrence of the forgotten. The exhibition is a place to test our relation to the obsolete by examining the elusive identities of the living, and exploring the boundaries between the thought and un-thought. The idea is to create a ‘spectral’ debate to understand what ‘hauntology’ could mean in terms of artistic methodologies and productions.

curated by Jason Coburn


City Guide print sml

City Guides Prototype – Tbilisi

Three variations on the idea of integrating stray dogs into an urban interplay between tourist, local inhabitants and a larger scope of the city. These prototypes form a dialogue around the possibility of mapping and linking the city to a subtle sequence of events and misadventures.