Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu, Torun


Artists: Yuri Suzuki & Abäke, Cynthia Hathaway, Bartosz Mucha, Eric von Robertson, Guy Keulemans, Dinie Besems, Leonard van Munster
curated by: Joanna van der Zanden

Open: Dec 03, 2010 07:00 PM

Closes: Feb 13, 2011

Location: COCA /Torun, Poland

Say “Tag!” and any place on earth will transform into a playground. Objects swiftly loose their original function and meaning, and are altered either into obstacles or hiding components. A trivial object is pointed out to become the “Base”, and is democratically chosen as the
centrepiece. The place becomes an experience, one that is defined by the players and not by the architect, designer, or city planner. And while playing the game, new perceptions of the space and place will come into view and size and structure of architecture and objects are actively reconnected to our bodies. Playing “Tag” or “Hide and seek” is probably the most unpretentious way of exploring the creative potential of any space.

On another level, to hide oneself in a creative way can also be a necessity to find a private moment now our societies are becoming more and more open and public. It forces us to discover and create new kinds of personal shelters. While going out and play freely is more difficult nowadays because of over-regulated cities, where each stone is carefully planned and cameras supervise public space. So playing and hiding in the way we would do as children has become more a game of activism then of innocent play.

The project Tag! Base! Hide and Seek is an attempt to explore room for play within a formal institutional setting and to get away from the dogma’s of visiting an exhibition in silence and passively following the narrative of the curator. It will encourage visitors to move, act, observe, communicate and connect differently and to set their own rules. But Tag! Base! Hide and Seek is also an awareness show about the growing need for private space and
hideaways. In what way are contemporary artists, designers and architects reflecting within their work on this specific need? What happens to your privacy when filmed on Google street view? Or what happens to the homeless when public parks are closed at night? Are their alternative ways to hide?

Tag! Base! Hide and Seek is a celebration of the individual altering the set of rules, leaving tags and traces, and therefore becoming an instant creative. And it touches the subject of defined and undefined space in an interactive way and making it a very personal experience